A little bit about me

I work for Microsoft as a Program Manager in the Media team of the OS Group (aka Windows), prior to that I worked in the Azure Media Services team. Prior to Microsoft, I worked for CAE Inc. for 11 years, the last few of which I spent working on a video capture project to support learning in healthcare education. At Microsoft, I worked on releasing Transform Manager, then the media server used by Azure Media Services, and I am now focused on container formats for Windows on the Xbox, PC, tablets and phones..

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4 Responses to A little bit about me

  1. Sanj says:

    Hi Nicolas,
    Is there any official word on whether dynamic transmux of on-demand assets will be available in the IIS media services 5 or will it strictly be available in the Azure hosted services?
    Sanjiv (Montreal)

    • ndrouin says:

      Hi Sanjiv,
      As it happens, I’m the PM on the dynamic remux feature. At this time, Dynamux is being built for the cloud; yet without relying on cloud-specific PaaS elements.
      This makes it a candidate for on-premise delivery in future versions of IIS-MS.
      It is unlikely, however, that such a high-value feature would find itself in a free release of IIS-MS.
      We do have Premium SKUs of IIS-MS today, and it is in these that it is likely, if ever, to be integrated.
      I don’t have a crystal ball, and I’m not a business guy, so who knows?
      (Recently moved from Montreal)

  2. Sanj says:

    Thanks for the clarification Nick, another question for you – is the premium SKU that you are referring to the Enterprise/Datacenter edition of Server or a specific SKU for IIS?


    • ndrouin says:

      If you are talking to the business development folks at MSFT, you’ll want to refer to IIS-Media Services Premium (not a Windows Server product). Media is a very specific domain, you can ask your MSFT contacts to reach out to me internally, if required.

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